Widetrack Chronicles 91: Official announcement of our new album

We’re immensely pleased to announce the impending release of our fifth album, Monoliths, coming this summer!

1. Illumination
2. Symptoms
3. Unlived
4. Virtue
5. Pendulum
6. The Departure
7. Serpents
8. Mirage

Zach Tippin: Guitars, bass, keyboards
Ron Tippin: Vocals and drums

Produced by Zach and Ron Tippin

Recorded by Zach and Ron Tippin

Mixed and engineered by Zach Tippin

We literally put everything we had into the creation of this album. Three years in the making, it marks our biggest step forward to date in the evolution of Widetrack's music and production quality. The songs were truly a labor of love for us to make together as father and son/musical partners.

The first single, ‘Illumination’, will be available next week in limited release, followed by wide release on all the streaming platforms soon thereafter…

Deepest thanks to all who’ve supported us… YOU ROCK!! 

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Hope to see you soon!

Love, Ron and Zach

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