1. Aloneness

From the recording Widetrack

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Off like a Sunday
And after a Thursday rain
I feel like a bum
‘Cause I know what you want from me

But I’m home
Back in aloneness
My thoughts
Back in aloneness
My spark
Fading away

Monday morning
I roll in
Feeling guilty again
I’m awake
But I don’t really want to be

And I look
Back in aloneness
my time
Back in aloneness
My zone
Back in aloneness
My spark
Fading away

The psyching up
The winding down
The way you look
When you’re proud


And I look to the wall
Seeing how little time we’ve got
To get over the things we’re not
And move on

And yet here I am
Waiting for my window to come
To resolve this longing
For something more

And the dream grows fainter
Each mourning I wake up
To a life I’ve begun
To fear I’m meant to live

Back in aloneness
My spark
Fading away