1. Finally Alone

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Finally Alone

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Finally Alone

Full moon tonight
You came offstage
And I
The Mythical Chosen One
Was inside your room
Hiding out

Waiting for all this time
To sweep you away
The moment just wasn’t
How I imagined it
From this lonely, denied life

All your lines
Going over in my mind
How could I not respond

The songs you write
The way they were played tonight
The feeling of when you sang
As if just for me
No one else

And maybe you’re in the right
To want me to leave
But the sight of you here before me
Is all too much
To fight off wanting you all mine
So close your eyes
And let me show you the right light
Where no one can bother us

Finally alone
Just me and you
Finally alone

You don’t have to lie
I know we’re meant to be together
‘Cause I am the one
Your lyrics describe

Now, love
Tell me why
You can’t always be all mine
Don’t be scared
Hand me over your life
You’ll come to see it’s right
I’ll keep you safe
From all the ones who try
Finding out where you are

Finally alone
Just me and you
Finally alone