1. Fault Line

From the recording Widetrack II

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Fault Line

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Fault Line

A static drone swarms your ears
Flattened highs
Stifled tears

Current pulling back
With no warning
True to form
By your lone sum

Long-known sum

Second thoughts
Wired in
Venting on
Rival winds

Seal off your way back
From this portal
By your lonesome

Long-known tales of sorrow

You search your family
For those who claim you’re wrong
As if no one recalls what was said

A certain memory
Resembling a séance
Won’t let you part with your past

And inside your rift
You’re home


Let it come
Warm your bed
Cold and deaf

Sift through the wreckage
Find your motive
By your lone sum

Long-known tales of sorrow

You burn in effigy
The ones who plague your love
As you cope with the loss of your friend

The skill of that which lets you
Come away a player
Won’t let you barter with your guilt

And this side of your rift
So long you’ll play on
All on your own