1. Gone Dark

From the recording The Unwakening

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Gone Dark

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Gone Dark

The signs were all there
You sought no conversation
Trolling contact from calm violence

Proclaimed your god’s wrath
The fate of my conviction
From your pulpit of cult follows

Gone dark
We’re done

Describe this moment
As if it was somehow different
From your countless of such run-ins

The fate of our two roads
Colliding in the distance
And no one’s stopping
To warn us that

This war won’t end
Until we’re all dead

Once I could take you for
A friend, though ill-informed,
Who still would side
With our truth of this knowing

So now they’ve come
To end all we’ve done
Hell’s children
Held hostage
Condemned by their god

A vain tin god
A failed tin god


A vain tin god
A failed tin god

The chosen one
Of these lost souls you lead
Toward their promised mirage
So blindly they follow
In their conned belief

And now
This Armageddon’s begun
With a lie encoded for mass appeal:
“We fight for a world their kind resists.”