1. Oblivion

From the recording The Unwakening

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I. Aftermath

Carbon darkness
Cold and starless
Ocean tides swell
Forests burned

From my office
It’s so remote
Nothing more than
What’s been sold

The system dies
It stood for nothing

Don’t cry
No tears
Don’t pine for this
It stood for nothing

II. Collapsed

As sunlight scorches
Through these curtains
What will remain
Of our once-noble land

III. Demagogue

On your throne
A god of gold
Servants of one faith
Praise your sovereign reign

On your throne
A god of woe
With your flock so devout
Before you now

All who dare protest
Will be in contempt
Of us

IV. Rebranded

When you proclaimed your cause
And left tongues tied
Shed your former ways
And found your cult
Your fate was changed

And now
The day of judgement’s come
There’s no one left
To question your lies
A laugh at those who dared
Contest your price
You’ve owned them now

V. Dissonance

Polarized self-interest
Trolls and charm gone nowhere
Cognitive wiring
Circumvents what is real
Lost in the battle
For this once-shared land

VI. Coda

Storm surge
Lifeboat’s lurch
A violent
Cold, hard wind
Hang my hopes
On one thought:
“It’s not my fault”