1. Seeksorrow

From the recording Seeksorrow

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Release date: September 7, 2020

Written and produced by Zach Tippin and Ron Tippin

Recorded by Andy Patalan at The Loft Studios (Saline, MI)

Mixed by Zach Tippin

Lyrics by Ron Tippin



Light fades from a colorless sky
A fair day’s hope barely survived

To such broken lives
Always the worst end

Scenes come to mind

You ought to laugh so loud
You’d be surprised

You’re not the only one
Who’s ever felt denied
A promised end

When going all in
Is one’s only out to find

To such broken lives

Dramas form ever more tales of
How you’ve suffered
Like no one else can

Scenes come to mind

Like cancer
Lusting for our tears

Longing to cut with
Those on a fine knife edge

Cognitive biases
Howling for justice
From the exempt

And I feel
Crushed by the load
Drawn in and lessened by
These truly vile norms

Consciousness undermined
Strung right along

Nothing left to be learned
Consumed by the madness

And I see no sign of a result
Locked in your blind views of the goal

As your sort
Awaits a new crisis
To profit by its bombast

No interest in ever solving
These problems of our
Devolving morale