1. Lucid

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Ron Tippin - Vocals, drums, rhythm guitar, lead guitar

Zach Tippin - Lead guitar and bass

Music and lyrics by Ron Tippin



Surely you seem lucid
Surely you want to
Make some conversation

I see the riddles in your eyes
But I know you’re there
Surely you want to lay
Our fears to rest

I know they said
You won’t be back
Yet here you are
It’s not your last stand

Surely you’re only dazed
From this operation
Surely it’s safe to say
There’ve been no complications

I see you twitching on the bed
Just a skeleton
But surely once you’ve been fed
You’ll be okay

I know they said
You need to rest
That must be why
You don’t answer

Somewhere inside
You’re there
I know you’re there

I know they said
There’s little chance
Pay them no mind
We’ll soon be laughing


Surely it’s just the drugs
And not derangement
Surely now there’s no need yet
To make arrangements

I see these I.V.s in your skin
And I wondering if…
Surely now there must be
Some kind of mistake

I know they said
This is the end
They must be wrong
It’s only cancer

Somewhere inside
You’re there
I know you’re there
I know