1. The Thread

From the recording Lineage (E.P.)

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The Thread

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Ron Tippin - Vocals, drums and rhythm guitar

Zach Tippin - Lead guitar and bass

Music and lyrics by Ron Tippin (c) 2012 Widetrack Music


The Thread

Through the life you live
Try not to forget
Where the river winds
Celebrate the laughter

Solve what you can’t define
Challenge the obvious
Bend it to your will
You could be the one
Who mends the thread

And your dad is just a man
Who had his own war to wage
Was that better than to just
Have played along?
Maybe not

And not that you asked for advice
But here it is
In case you would like to know
I believe it is

Songs will be yours to write
Find the resonance
In the sounds you feel
Never let it end, son

May your impulse have a sense of its own
How we correct for this
Is the highest aim
Trust in the innocence of your path

And your dad is just a man
Who had his own love to give
And his dad was just a man
Who saved his own from wasting it

And it matters that we live
Our waking moments
With the blessing of the ones
Who’ve earned our respect

But even still
It’s to our best selves that we rise
I know you believe it is