1. Symptoms

From the recording Monoliths

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Released September 15, 2023

Written, recorded and produced by Zach and Ron Tippin at Widetrack Studios between January 2021 and July 2023

Zach Tippin: guitar and bass
Ron Tippin: vocals and drums

Mixed by Zach Tippin

Lyrics by Ron Tippin

Mastered by Jim Kissling

Deepest thanks to all our family,
friends and influences.

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Cite the narrative
To justify another dead...

Amplify the myth
That we’re somehow safer...

Shift the blame for it...

-The cycle never ends-

And I know too well
The symptoms of your kind
As I run for my life

Can’t deny the wish
For vengeance to befall your ilk

Cauterize the wound
It’d all be so simple

But for evidence
That change is coming yet

And I know too well
The symptoms of your kind
As I vote for my life
And your time to end

Should we stay silent
Locked in what is
Let our non-violent
Be martyred to your cause

Just resign ourselves
To your bloodstained laws
That celebrate freedom
If not for all involved

So zealous in your fight
To nullify our lives
The killing toll you’ve wrought
A culture you’d cancel

And I know too well
That something’s not right
As I lift my voice
To silence their cries

And I know
Soon they’ll know
The symptoms of your kind