1. Pendulum

From the recording Monoliths

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Released September 15, 2023

Written, recorded and produced by Zach and Ron Tippin at Widetrack Studios between January 2021 and July 2023

Zach Tippin: guitar and bass
Ron Tippin: vocals and drums

Mixed by Zach Tippin

Lyrics by Ron Tippin

Mastered by Jim Kissling

Deepest thanks to all our family,
friends and influences.

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The scales have fallen
From our eyes again
We'd gotten so close
But that was then

Lured into the web
Of our rhetoric
Collision sparked and
The fuse was lit

No denying that
It mattered at the time
Caught up in the wish
To make it right

All eyes are focused
On this spectacle
Mirrored delusion
So volatile

Moths drawn to the flame
Burning with contempt
By argument

No denying this
Cold civil war we fight
Always so convinced
We’ll make it right

To revel in the blood
Nothing quite compares
Forever in the flux
Of "ours" and "theirs"

What’s left for Us?