1. Serpents

From the recording Monoliths

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Released September 15, 2023

Written, recorded and produced by Zach and Ron Tippin at Widetrack Studios between January 2021 and July 2023

Zach Tippin: guitar and bass
Ron Tippin: vocals and drums

Gabriela da Silva: violin
Gael A. Àlvarez: double bass

Mixed by Zach Tippin

Lyrics by Ron Tippin

Mastered by Jim Kissling

Deepest thanks to all our family,
friends and influences.

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Did you think your heart
Could resist the allures of
Serpent tongues whispering
Assurances that your cause was just?

Were you drawn
To their siren song?

Charms so beguiling

Search your mind
For distortions you’ve fed

A thousand sources
For each side
So pay no mind to theirs

Come and take your part
In this narrative
All you would believe
Is your evidence

The pain of your disquiet
Will last no more

How can one resist
Something so divine
Disbelief in what's not in doubt
Promises of a world
Where your will to fight
Gives you faith that you’ve won

No godless science
Can deny these opinions
You wield

Come now
Why make hard
What’s just how it is?
There’s no hiding from
Your place with the blessed

Don’t let them sway your thoughts
With their claims of what’s real
Logic and eloquence
Playing on your emotions


You laugh
But some would not think twice
What power you will give them

Come and wake from your trance
Come and open your eyes
Come find your way homeward
Come find the way forward