1. Mirage

From the recording Monoliths

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Released September 15, 2023

Written, recorded and produced by Zach and Ron Tippin at Widetrack Studios between January 2021 and July 2023

Zach Tippin: guitar and bass
Ron Tippin: vocals and drums

Gabriela da Silva: violin
Gael A. Àlvarez: double bass

Mixed by Zach Tippin

Lyrics by Ron Tippin

Mastered by Jim Kissling

Deepest thanks to all our family,
friends and influences.

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How could we have been
So blind
Fighting over these
Drawn lines

We’ve convinced ourselves
To separate

Always finding
A reason why we can’t relate

Haunted by the thought
Of a world that might’ve been
And the kind of hope
We could live to feel again
If we figure out
What the writing on the wall

It’s our one chance

It’s not hopeless
This so-called mirage

There’s still time