The Widetrack Chronicles 63: Oblivion

The Widetrack Chronicles 63: Oblivion

At last we come to the final track of our 2019 monthly songs... 


We’ve been excited about this one ever since its humble origins in late 2018… A ton of hard work went into getting it developed into the version you're listening to now, what with its various sections and musical movements… 

Can’t wait to bring this behemoth to the stage… We’ve been rehearsing it together, and it’s quickly become one of our all-time favorite songs to play... It's certainly the most ‘dystopian’ thing we’ve ever done... a deeply intense, dark atmosphere in the moods and lyrics…

Looking back at the work we've done throughout 2019, the process of writing, recording and releasing a new song each month has been an invaluable challenge and learning experience for us... And having four full-length albums’ worth of material to draw from will now allow us to focus more on getting that music out there, and then writing, recording and releasing new songs at a more natural, agreeable pace in the future... 

As far as the new album goes, there will be a few small fixes, track re-recordings and overall cleaning up, remixes, etc. to the songs as we prepare to compile them for the official release date (which will be announced, along with the full release details, in the next blog)... 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us on this year's amazing journey… Your feedback and encouragement kept us going through the ups and downs of following through on this commitment… It was harder than we thought it’d be, but your wonderful responses to the songs inspired us immensely… THANK YOU!!! ? 

My personal thoughts and feelings about sharing the writing of this music with my son over the past year will remain with me to the end of my days… 

As a father, I couldn’t be prouder… As a bandmate and creative collaborator, I couldn’t feel more satisfied and fulfilled… 

These were the first Widetrack songs I ever co-wrote with someone, and the fact that it was with Zach - along with the fact that the results feel like such a major step forward, musically speaking - is a blessing beyond words... 

And as Zach grows and develops as a player, recording engineer, performer, and all-around musical force, his future is wide open… As time passes and his future opportunities present themselves, it’s anybody’s guess where he will ultimately wind up... Hopefully we’ll continue on together, but, being his biggest fan, I’ll be happy to see him thriving and flourishing, regardless of if we play together or not... 

In any event, whatever may come, the making of this album will remain such a wonderful shared memory…  

(That is, once we’ve had a small break from these songs… lol)

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  • D Drake
    D Drake Merica
    Wow ... Great groove

    Wow ... Great groove

  • Widetrack
    Thank you, brother!!

    Thank you, brother!!

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